Nine necessary call center functions and technology for inbound call centers

Expert Lori Bocklund lists the nine main call center functions necessary to run a successful inbound call center operation in this tip.

At present, we have five functional units in our call center -- complaint management, quality management, special...

services, product and information management and human resources. Very soon, we will start a full inbound call center. Which units and technology are necessary for inbound call centers?

Each company and call center names their particular units or call center functions differently. However, the important thing to keep in mind for your call center is that you have sufficient support in these areas:

  • Workforce management (forecasting, call center scheduling)
  • Real-time operational management
  • Quality management
  • Call center training
  • Process review and optimization
  • Performance reporting and call center analytics
  • Call center technology tools and workflows
  • Human resources (recruiting and general support)
  • Information technology

    Depending upon the size and scope of your call center operation, these functions can be as large as departments themselves, or as is often the case, they are combined and consolidated where synergies make sense.

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