Call center agent log in times: Is there an industry standard?

Expert Lori Bocklund answers a question about industry standards for call center agent log in times.

Is there any industry standard for the amount of time a call center agent is given to log in to the computer at the start of their shift and log out at the end of their shift? (This would include login of all applications needed to begin taking calls.) Or is a time study needed to determine the average amount of time needed to log in/log out of required applications?
There is no industry standard on time to log in, and it can vary greatly from center to center. Some centers have a "single sign-in" capability; others will require a customer service representative (CSR) to sign into many systems. And the system speeds will vary. So you need to time your process and allocate time accordingly. Many centers build this time into their schedule requirements to help assure the right number of CSRs are staffed and available. This can be done by intentionally overstaffing during the sign-on period, or graduating start times.

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