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Hurdles still abound for multichannel contact centers

Companies still struggle to provide good multichannel customer service. But there are technologies and strategies to help that common painpoint.


Call centers aren't dying so much as they're evolving, servicing customers beyond the simple phone call. Today's call centers have matured into contact centers that handle customer service issues via channels such as email, live chat, a company's website and social media.

Scott SachsScott Sachs

With the age of the customer in full force, customers are increasingly demanding that companies interact with them on the channel(s) they are most comfortable with. For many companies, this means investing in new technologies that satisfy this multichannel mandate.

Through it all, the old-fashioned phone call will always have a place in the contact center, said expert Scott Sachs.

"The call center is going through an evolution," Sachs said. "With multichannel, the ways of communicating are changing, but the call center will still exist."

Sachs discussed the state of contact center technology and the struggles companies have in providing good service when customers switch communication methods. Communication over the phone, he said, is easier for a contact center agent to multitask and gather information to help the customer. When dealing with emails, social media and chat, however, things can get more complicated.

Sachs also discussed the challenges for companies in mapping the customer journey in order to identify painpoints.

"[Companies] can't get a consistency of service at this point," Sachs said. " Lots of CRM systems companies have are old, mainframe systems that can't handle this stuff."

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