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Will users ditch other BI tools for Wave, the Analytics Cloud?

SAN FRANCISCO -- This week, took a bold step forward in analytics, an area where users and industry observers said the company had been lacking.

With its new Wave Salesforce Analytics Cloud, the company strives to create an intuitive, mobile-friendly analytics offering that is based on gaming and data visualization principles. The resulting dashboards are designed to be "Analytics for everyone," rather than just the province of data analysts.

CRM professionals have been awaiting business intelligence tools that are native to the Salesforce platform so that they can work directly in the application. Salesforce has delivered on that goal and may have created an offering that is intuitive and fast enough for business-side executives to make use of, particularly on the road.

But many companies that have invested in analytics offerings may already have a foothold in tools like Tableau or Inside Sales. So, the question becomes whether users are ready to jettison other tools or to enhance them with Wave.

Another offering, just demoed today at Marc Benioff's keynote address, is Lightning, a mobile-optimized user interface and framework for the Salesforce 1 platform. The idea is to make it easy for users to work "mobile-ly" and for developers to extend its capabilities.

SearchCRM caught up with Geneva Stephens, a contributor and CRM expert in the telecom industry, to get her impressions on the Analytics Cloud and what else excites her at Dreamforce 2014.

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I don’t think other tools will be “ditched.” It will be a slower migration, if it happens at all. There may be some that move to Wave, but the other tools have become entrenched, and it will take some degree of time and effort to migrate that many users will not be willing to put in right now.