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Swarovski sparks digital sales transformation with Dynamics CRM

In terms of its digital sales transformation, Austrian glassmaker and internationally renowned jeweler Swarovski is typical of many large companies: The transformation is well underway, but the CRM team is still exploring how to operationalize next-generation AI tools for its real-world sales force.

Swarovski recently changed its sales management platform from legacy Microsoft products to Dynamics CRM, according to Sebastian Stammler, associate director of central sales operations and CRM for the gemstones wing of the business. Swarovski, which has about 32,000 employees internationally, also has optical and industrial divisions.

Stammler is charged with facilitating content, tools, training and communications between sales leadership on the B2B side of Swarovski and the marketing team. One of the ways he accomplishes that is by implementing IT systems, such as the sales enablement platform, as well as by using process management.

Stammler spoke at InsideSales.com's Accelerate18 conference about his company's digital sales transformation strategy. He also discussed how cutting-edge tools demonstrated at the conference will eventually fit into his company's sales operations, which were built long before AI or even CRM applications were part of everyday life.

"In the old days, our salespeople just sold a component, which was very easy for them because it was all about colors, tolerances, cuts," Stammler said. "As we evolve, we are becoming more of a solution provider, which is a big challenge for our sales force," which provides gemstones to the jewelry, watch and fashion industries.

"We're hoping AI will give them guardrails and give suggestions on what solution they could offer a customer, what makes sense," he said, adding that Swarovski is still exploring its tech options to accomplish all this. The company is trying to cut through all the buzzwords to find the software to augment the sales enablement platform that will fill the company's specific business needs.

Watch the full video for more details on Swarovski's digital sales transformation and how building data sets is key for its sales team to adapt to creative, effective, AI-driven workflows.

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