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SAN FRANCISCO - The opening keynote at Dreamforce 13 was more than just an opportunity for CEO Marc Benioff to showcase the Foundation's most recent endeavors in philanthropy -- he also used it as an opportunity to announce a new platform, Salesforce1, and talk about how it fits into his vision for the future of business and a more connected world.

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Salesforce1 is a new customer platform that unifies's, Heroku and ExactTarget platforms and will allow users to connect to their Salesforce applications from anywhere using mobile devices. This will allow users to have information at their fingertips, anywhere -- theoretically, giving them the information necessary to close deals from anywhere, at any time.

We took some time after the keynote to ask the crowd about their impressions. "I think Salesforce1 is the big deal this year," said Tom Scuoteguazza, director of the IT practice at World-Class Industrial Network, a Pittsburgh-based project development and management consulting firm.

Check out this video to see what one attendee thought about Salesforce1 and get the latest news from Dreamforce 2013.

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Salesforce S1 is a game changer. Accelerates integration of SAP with social and mobile platforms in a unique way.