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Salesforce outlines what to expect from IoT Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO – At Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce braced for the oncoming Internet of Things (IoT) revolution by releasing the IoT Cloud.

Built on the development platform known as Thunder, the IoT Cloud will collect and store data that comes from interconnected devices, but also make that information readily available to improve customer experience, said Dylan Steele, senior director of product marketing for the IoT Cloud at Salesforce.

One of the strengths of the IoT Cloud, Steele said at the conference, is making the data collection process easier for business users. Less-technical users no longer need to rely on data analysts to get the most out of the data. The IoT Cloud features an events-processing engine that ingests billions of events per day, Steele said, and the platform allows customers to build rules on top of that data to identify specific events to act on. The IoT Cloud has output connectors attached to it that are able to connect to any other Salesforce cloud or third-party system a company chooses.

Steele also discussed the IoT Cloud's security frameworks, saying the platform is built on the same technology underpinning other Salesforce products and carries their security standards with it. Steele said the IoT Cloud is data format- and device-agnostic, so it can work with data coming from various devices and also send the data to any system, such as its own Sales and Service Clouds or third-party systems.

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