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Salesforce for nonprofits enables Year Up to track people, metrics

For-profit businesses typically sector the entities with whom they interact as customers, partners or supply chain. At a nonprofit, however, clients -- who become alumni -- donors and other parties that make the good things happen are stakeholders. They all contribute to a nonprofit's mission.

But keeping track of those relationships can be complicated -- and expensive, especially as some relationships morph from one type into another (such as client to donor) over the course of a customer journey, as for-profits might call it. That's where Salesforce for nonprofits comes in.

Not only does using the various Salesforce clouds remove the cost and tech support needed for the on-premises hosting of a CRM system, the nonprofit-friendly vendor openly supports this sector of its customer base with discounts. Also available is a raft of community resources, such as nonprofit-focused user groups, educational tracks and nonprofit-focused advice on how to integrate the Salesforce platform into fundraising efforts.

One nonprofit using Salesforce, Year Up, is taking on what it calls the opportunity divide between the six million young adults out of work, out of school and brimming with talent, and the employers who require post-secondary education to fill some 12 million current open jobs. Year Up supports its clients with education, and then a six-month internship, which typically leads to a full-time job.

Year Up primarily uses the sales cloud to manage those various groups and to track the success of the students that comprise its clientele, as they sign up for education and internships.

In this video, Year Up CIO Jim Thie discusses how CRM is needed to manage relationships with students, donors, alumni, educational institutions and employers -- as well as how Salesforce Analytics helps Year Up measure progress against its own goals, making Salesforce for nonprofits an effective tool.

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