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Salesforce AI could be the rising tide to lift all boats

SAN FRANCISCO -- Data intelligence is increasingly important to company differentiation, pushing companies to consider artificial intelligence applications from Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce and other providers.

Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM vendor, recently rolled out its answer to artificial intelligence (AI), called Salesforce Einstein. The Salesforce AI application brings data intelligence to all the business processes Salesforce manages, from sales to marketing to service. By bringing in third-party data and context, business users can make better, more informed decisions in real time.

For example, Einstein can help sales reps focus on the most viable leads and provide granular information on how to turn leads into buyers. If you have 100 leads and a 20% close rate, "you are throwing darts at those leads and hoping you pick the right 20," said Jim Sinai, VP of product marketing for Salesforce Einstein, during the Dreamforce 2016 conference this week.

With Einstein, the idea is to identify the criteria that make a lead viable so reps can identify the 20 most promising. Einstein looks at all the leads ever worked and makes correlations about what drove those to be good leads, Sinai explained.

"So, when a lead comes in, it goes to the top of the queue if it scores high, and bottom if it scores low," he said. "It looks at your email [and] calendar to help that rep cultivate an opportunity. We're able to identify those weaknesses and coach the rep on how to tackle them."

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