Paul Greenberg on Oracle CRM and Fusion

Oracle previewed some of the forthcoming Fusion Applications at its recent OpenWorld event and was there. We caught up with Paul Greenberg, president of the 56 Group LLC and author of "CRM at the Speed of Light."

He discussed Oracle's progress in CRM since last year, its emphasis on social CRM and mobile CRM and what to look for in Fusion.

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Paul Greenberg on Oracle CRM and Fusion

Barney Beal: About a year ago, we were here, you were talking,
pleased with what Oracle was doing with Social CRM, with RESTful
architecture. Can you give us an update on what you think they
followed through, on so far?

Paul Greenberg: As far as Social CRM and RESTful architecture, actually,
CRM in general, they are actually doing quite well. They are doing more
this year than I actually expected them to. For example, they
were talking about Oracle CRM On Demand, which has always been
actually, a good product. You are talking about a product that
came from Upshot, then with Siebel, now Oracle CRM On Demand.
They are adding capabilities which I did not expect, they are
adding social capabilities, enterprise-level security. They are adding
multi - channel capabilities, but in a seamless way. A lot of companies
claim multi-channel, but the interesting thing is they actually,
the way they have structured Oracle CRM On Demand now is
through, I guess the best way to put it would be, a seamless
experience. You actually, as a customer, will have the
consistency in this experience, depending on whatever channel
you are involved with, and I actually think you are doing that,
as opposed to just hyping it, and that is a huge plus.

I would say on the social CRM side, I guess the best way to put it is
what I saw I was somewhat impressed with. It is a work in progress,
though, it is missing a lot and it is not a whole lot more distinctive than
some of the other vendors are putting out at this point.
Honestly, if I had to have a paradigm application, with a big
flaw, but a paradigm application, Pivotal's is probably the best
social CRM app out there right now, as far as that goes. But
Oracle, as far as the larger enterprise side, would measure up
against them and anybody else and Oracle, because they have such a
crack team, will actually accomplish a lot of these things, so
those are important. Now, I did not hear them say anything about the
RESTful architecture, but what I did see is that they are
placing a great deal of emphasis on mobile CRM, and what they
have done, if you have watched Oracle's history on mobile CRM,
it is always been loyalty-based. So if you go back to the first
thing was L'Oréal was kind of loyalty based, and that is the
other side. They have managed to take Siebel to places I never
thought it could go. So it was L'Oréal, then it was Swedish Rail, and now
I forget the name of the company actually that they are doing it with, but
what you have seen is a very evolutionary step. Increasingly, they have tied
in loyalty programs, to social capabilities, to marketing in one mobile app
that also has administrative back-end analytics associated with
it, so they are exceptionally strong there.

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