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IoT data governance challenges discussed at Dreamforce

SAN FRANCISCO -- Interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) has built recently and was a main topic at Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce's annual user conference. At the show, the cloud-based CRM company released its IoT Cloud platform, which presents opportunities for better understanding customer data. A deeper relationship between Salesforce and Microsoft -- a partnership that was announced at last year's show but was advanced this year -- may further help companies exploit the IoT Cloud.

The IoT Cloud will enable companies to ingest data derived from products and then analyze that data through Salesforce applications like the Sales and Service Clouds and Salesforce Wave. According to IoT Cloud director Dylan Steele, the IoT cloud is highly secure. "We're running the IoT Cloud on the same enterprise-grade security that we use for all our Salesforce applications," he said. But given the reality of numerous customer data breaches, companies will need to contend with the data governance challenges that IoT presents.

Brent Leary, partner at CRM Essentials, said the Salesforce-Microsoft partnership is beneficial to the IoT market and makes understanding this device-driven data more of a reality for businesses. But he warned that we are in a "device-centric world" where companies have to be ready for a deluge of data and exercise caution and restraint when using it.

"How do [companies] make sure they're using this information the proper way and the way that customers expect them to use it?" Leary wondered. "Having all of this information, companies might feel that they can do certain things that they probably shouldn't do."

Leary discussed another product announcement from Dreamforce 2015, SalesforceIQ for Small Business, which offers a new user interface and more business intelligence than its previous SMB offering, Group Edition. Now, Leary said, smaller Salesforce customers can get a bolstered version of Group Edition for the same price they are used to paying.

For more on data governance challenges, check out the video above; and for more on Dreamforce 2015, check out SearchCRM.

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