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Hard Rock shares its customer service, social tips

Hard Rock, the café, hotel and casino company, staffs its customer service department with just three people, who still manage to respond to up to 30,000 customer inquiries a month while also monitoring and responding to customers via social media channels, including travel sites.

Kim Matlock, senior director of digital marketing and CRM for Hard Rock, shares how the company prioritizes cases and interacts with its active customer community.

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Hard Rock shares its customer service, social tips

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about how you're running a customer care
operation with only three people and also managing to service people
through social networking channels?

Kim Matlock: At Hard Rock International, our Customer Care department
really is actually quite small for the number of customers that we have.
And at this point in our process we have about three people that do
everything; phone calls, emails, faxes, conversations that we have across
our Social Media Channels, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, FourSquare,
Urban Spoon. Everywhere that there's a conversation, they manage that part
of the conversation. We capture and our customer CRM tool that we have and
we respond back to it.

Interviewer: Tell us how you prioritize among those different channels?

Kim Matlock: Really, we're very fortunate at Hard Rock where we have a
truly loyal customer base and our fans are wonderful. So we are by large
positive feedback that we get back on everything that we do. So when we
prioritize the negativity of like when someone doesn't have what we call a
kick ass experience, we want to turn that around as quickly as possible so
those things tend to be very small so they get prioritized first and make
sure we respond back to them. We have a service level agreement of trying
to get back to people within 24 hours, 48 at the most. So we want to make
sure we're on top of those conversations.

Interviewer: From any channel?

Kim Matlock: From any channel. So we're actively monitoring our big Facebook
audience and the Twitter comments that we have too, as well as any other
channel that we come into.

Interviewer: And I understand you're also capturing some of this data
around some of the channels that youre coming through. Tell us a
little bit about how you put that into your own system and how you plan to
use that in the future.

Kim Matlock: Yes. So we use a different tool to do our reputation
management and that's an area where it takes all of the channels that we're
looking at across the online space and pulls them all together. We have the
ability on that channel to extract out conversations that we can then
import our CRM solution and make sure that we can monitor and do the
analytics on those conversations too.

Interviewer: Great. Thank you very much.

Kim : Thank you.

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