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Getting veteran sales force buy-in for AI CRM tools

Getting your sales force fired up is one thing. Getting your sales force fired up about using AI CRM technologies is quite another -- at least with the successful inside sales veterans who think they were already doing fine selling your company's products or services, thank you very much.

But that's changing, said Sid Kumar, global head of digital business development at CA Technologies. New tools in the sales technology stack are key pillars of the former Computer Associates, which has now transformed into something of a DevOps provider.

"AI is all about, 'How do I turbocharge productivity [using that tech stack] and point our business development reps and our sellers to go after the right opportunities at the right time?'" Kumar said in this video interview at's Accelerate18 conference. "You take some of the science out of the equation and have them focus more on the art, which is talking to customers."

Getting broad-based buy-in among veteran -- and rookie -- sales staff begins with proving return on investment. AI CRM tools are so new that it takes quick wins and building successes to convince the rank and file. There's also the factor of trust -- getting humans to trust AI bots to complete some of the tasks they do manually today.

Kumar acknowledges that AI CRM tools might still be met with skepticism by some factions of many companies' inside sales teams. But it only takes a little success among the users piloting them for word to spread.

"As you start to show traction, as you see your top performers doing better as a result of adopting this new technology, you start to see other people get more inquisitive about it," Kumar said.

This video interview delves into these topics and more, as Kumar details where CA Technologies is on its digital sales transformation journey.

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