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Farmers Insurance turns to self-service capabilities with Salesforce

Farmers Insurance was looking for a way to advance its digital self-service capabilities and turned to the Salesforce platform to do so. Farmers uses the Salesforce Service Cloud, which provides customers with a space where they can find solutions for themselves faster and more efficiently within portals and forums, helping to speed up the customer service process.

In an interview recorded at Dreamforce 2016, Farmers Insurance head of digital, Amanda Reierson, notes that the growing importance of communication channels between customers and companies mandates new ways of accommodating that interaction.

"We are in an on-demand world, so customers want to interact with companies, whether it's insurance or other big brands, how they want to and when the want to, 24/7," says Reierson.

Reierson also notes that while digital channel support is growing, traditional phone services and other channels aren't disappearing.

"The website is there for them to interact with us that way. Of course, their agent is always available, as well as our service center," she says. It's important, Reierson adds, "to connect all of those channels to create a seamless customer experience."

Service Cloud also helps to unify customer service agents through Salesforce's new interface for application development, the Lightning Console, and allows agents to be at the ready for customers through live chat, allowing for a seamless digital customer experience.

Through the Salesforce platform, Farmers Insurance engages with customers effectively by getting customer feedback in real time directly from the digital platform.

"We curate all the comments into different areas, and then we look at where we have critical mass, where we are hearing from our customers," Reierson says. "That rises to the top, and that's how we prioritize our time." Farmers Insurance also implements suggested changes to create the best customer experience.

As it looks to continue developing its customer engagement strategy, Farmers Insurance is planning an implementation of self-service capabilities for its users by enhancing mobile over the next year.

Service Cloud also allows customers to reach a customer service agent or find a quick solution from anywhere by integrating self-service tools into mobile apps.

"Mobile is table stakes in today's world," Reierson says.

To hear more about how Farmers Insurance uses Salesforce to implement self-service capabilities, watch the full video filmed at Dreamforce 2016 at the top of this page. 

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