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Europe's highways lead to customer service in the cloud

Daniel Krauss, founder and CIO of FlixBus, built a company serving 26 countries in Europe, brokering tickets and driving a consistent customer experience -- for travelers boarding 1,500 similarly eco-friendly green buses 200,000 times a day -- without owning a single bus.

FlixBus pulled that off by managing its 250 regional busing company partners in the Salesforce Cloud -- and also by using Salesforce to manage consistent customer service in the cloud. From the CIO's point of view, that requires managing both B2C and B2B relationships on the platform, a complex, international Salesforce implementation.

At Salesforce user conference Dreamforce in San Francisco last month, FlixBus touted its previously announced plans to make a beachhead in the United States, with an office headquartered in Los Angeles.

"It's not only just aggregation [of ticketing on a single platform]," Krauss said. "We talk to the bus companies and partner up with them ... we have certain quality standards: [what] it needs to look like, the brand, green buses, what the seating map looks like, Wi-Fi on board, etc."

In this video interview, Krauss talks about how customer service in the cloud can help create a consistent experience and how it helped FlixBus improve service on a large scale -- for 40 million passengers in 2017, making it the largest carrier in the European market -- as well as manage relationships with the partner vendors that are so crucial to giving customers a consistent experience, which drives repeat journeys. 

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