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Effective social media metrics for customer experience

Many companies rely on "vanity metrics" -- likes, retweets and number of followers -- to measure the impact of their social media strategies on customer experience.

But unfortunately, said Banafsheh Ghassemi, CEO at Tangerine Lab, these measures are merely cosmetic measures and tell companies little about customers' true opinion or engagement with a company brand.

Ghassemi said that social media metrics should help companies make decisions that can boost sales or improve customer service, not just measure audience numbers in a vacuum. An airline, for example, may need to tailor social strategies differently for business travelers (who may need to reschedule a trip quickly) versus leisure travelers who may want information about activities in their destination. And where you may want to derive higher margins from business travelers, you may want to solidify customer loyalty with leisure travelers. So, business goals and strategies need to be tailored to a customer's persona and motivations.

Ghassemi discussed the importance of customer journey maps in correctly identifying the kinds of customers are interacting with you and how to interact in return.

"Walk in the shoes of your customer by following their journey across all your [communication] channels," Ghassemi said.

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