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Customer-centric strategy needed before venturing into IoT Cloud

Companies that are considering Salesforce's new Internet of Things (IoT) technology, IoT Cloud, may focus on costs to the exclusion of considering other issues, say experts. Taking advantage of the data coming from many Web-connected devices involves multiple considerations, not just the price tag of a technology investment.

At this year's Dreamforce conference, Salesforce released IoT Cloud to enable users to make sense of the volume of information coming from interconnected devices. But according to Adam Bosworth, executive vice president of IoT Cloud, the main issue for companies is exploiting the data in the service of a customer-centric strategy.

"[Companies] are starting the wrong way around," Bosworth said. "Instead of asking themselves, 'How do I transform the experience my customers and employees have with me?' they're saying that if they connect, everything will be solved."

Brent Leary, partner at CRM Essentials, spoke with Bosworth at Dreamforce 2015, who said there is an enormous gap between customers' expectations of connected devices and the reality of what companies can deliver. IoT technology should enable companies to change things on the fly with little to no customer interaction, such as when a product is damaged during shipping, for example. Bosworth said IoT should enable companies to solve a problem for a customer before he even knows he has one.  

"The IoT problem has not been how you connect but what are you going to do to change your relationship with your customer?" Bosworth said. "That change in expectations gives you a huge opportunity; it also gives you a huge responsibility."

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