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Contextual data tailors the customer journey at Quizzle

SAN FRANCISCO – Converting Web visitors into customers was a crucial challenge for the credit report website, Quizzle, which recently turned to cloud-based marketing tools to mobilize consumer data to tailor the customer journey.

Originally a free credit report and financial information operation, Quizzle was acquired in April by Bankrate Inc., a national brand of credit websites. Suddenly, Quizzle was handling customer conversions for 250 million annual visitors -- up from about 2 million members before the acquisition. Quizzle marketing lead Michael Drew said Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows the company to do next-level marketing that reaches a wider audience.

"Salesforce was the technology we needed to use from a marketing automation standpoint, to pull in all of this rich … contextual profile data on our users, to be able to connect with them," Drew said.  

The automated campaigns center on mapping the customer journey, to outline likely goals of website visitors and using that information to build personalized email campaigns. Drew said Salesforce facilitates that goal by pulling together back-end information to correlate credit and demographic data, along with likely intent.

"People don't pull their credit because they want to know what their score is; they pull it because they want to use it," Drew said. "We're building Automation Studio campaigns that are keying off those key data points and connecting with them based on what they actually want and what they qualify for."

Quizzle currently uses this technology exclusively for email, but plans to expand into text-based consumer notifications. Overall, Drew expected the focus will continue to shift from desktop to mobile interaction, adding the omnichannel capabilities of Salesforce make it easier to manage personalized marketing among multiple channels.

"The beauty of the Marketing Cloud for us is that when we're talking to our users from an email standpoint or text messaging standpoint, it's all connected down to that one-user level," Drew said.

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