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Content marketing strategies can soar -- or fall flat

Companies are using a variety of tactics to drive prospects and existing customers to their products and services. Tactics like inbound marketing involve creating content that prompts customers to explore the company's brand via content, offers, discounts or other information.

But companies often suffer from a lack of insight about what kind of content resonates with their audiences and matches business goals. Determining the metrics that can identify valuable content is the first step, and these metrics shouldn't be "vanity metrics" -- likes, retweets, repeat visitors to a website, number of Twitter followers -- but rather metrics that show how content can prompt audiences to take action.

But unfortunately, said Banafsheh Ghassemi, CEO at Tangerine Lab, these measures are merely cosmetic and tell companies little about customers' true opinion or engagement with a company brand.

Companies need to spend more time on four pillars:

1. Identifying whether the content resonates with targeted personas/customers/prospects.

2. Identifying whether the audience engages and takes action based on the content as a company intends.

3. Identifying whether the audience engagement yielded the intended business result.

4. Identifying whether the content yields positive or neutral sentiment, but it should never yield negative sentiment.

Ghassemi also indicated that content alone cannot yield the intended business results. Content is only one component of creating the right marketing strategy. Ghassemi noted that companies often create more content that is considered more popular whether it truly resonates with the targeted audience or matches with business goals.

In this webcast, Ghassemi instructs viewers on how to develop metrics and a dashboard to identify the most effective content to fuel business goals, known as the content performance score.

For more, check out this webcast.

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