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Contact center outsourcing trends for 2014 and beyond

Outsourcing remains a controversial topic in the contact center world, but despite that, the outsourced contact center industry is growing -- and changing.

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Watch this webcast with Leslie Wadsworth, of the outsourcing firm CallSocket, to learn about current outsourcing trends and the need to keep customer data safe. Wadsworth also talks about new technologies that have become available for call centers and predicts that call center outsourcing will become even more prevalent in 2014 and beyond.

While some say that contact center outsourcing is a "race to the bottom" in terms of quality, security and efficiency, Wadsworth explains the view of the outsourcing industry and argues that those issues are on their way to becoming problems of the past. According to Wadsworth, outsourcing might be a good choice for organizations that find multichannel customer service daunting and outsourcing firms can go a long way toward helping organization improve relationships with customers.

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