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Connecting the dots ... Salesforce marketing analytics and the cloud

SAN FRANCISCO -- CEO Marc Benioff referred numerous times to the coming interconnectivity of all devices, people and networks during his keynote speech on Tuesday at the Dreamforce conference.

Benioff said that, in this era, everyone will generate data constantly -- and that data has the potential to improve life for businesses and consumers alike.

"We are in the third wave of computing," Benioff said.

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But what to do with all that data? One attendee said it could lead toward better Salesforce marketing analytics.

We caught up with Tom Heseltine, chief financial officer for SocialToaster, a social media engagement startup, to find out what he found most compelling about what Benioff discussed. Heseltine said that he liked learning about the convergence of technology and marketing.

A huge perk of big data for many businesses is learning more about customers and their habits through marketing analytics -- and especially knowing when it's most advantageous to approach them.

"If we see someone's in a buying mode, it's much easier than if you're pushing them, trying to convince them to buy," Heseltine said.

Watch this video to learn more about Heseltine's reactions to the keynote speech and further thoughts on Salesforce marketing analytics and the marketing cloud.

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