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CRM marketer: Salesforce marketing automation will make my job easier

SAN FRANCISCO -- At the Dreamforce keynote on Tuesday, Inc.'s CEO Marc Benioff discussed many new trends, including the new Salesforce1 platform, toothbrushes that will connect to the cloud and the future of totally connected customers. But what does this all mean for your typical Salesforce customer?

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Lena J. Weiner spoke with Judy Baldwin, director of CRM marketing at ACT Inc., the testing organization most well-known for its college entry exams, about how she thinks the new technologies and trends Benioff discussed regarding Salesforce marketing automation might change her daily life.

Baldwin found Benioff's talk about Salesforce marketing automation to be most interesting.

"We are just ramping up marketing automation, [and] it's going to make my job a lot easier," Baldwin said. "We can do multiple marketing campaigns efficiently."

Watch this video to learn more about why Baldwin is excited about Salesforce marketing automation and her other impressions from the keynote.

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