Analyst Denis Pombriant reviews Microsoft Dynamics news for CRM

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled new marketing and analytics software for its Dynamics CRM product.

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Analyst Denis Pombriant, who is attending the company's Convergence 2013 conference in New Orleans, offered his take on the Microsoft Dynamics news. In a nutshell, the Stoughton, Mass.-based analyst believes Microsoft has established a "good footprint" in the rush for CRM products to include the capabilities to market a company's message and analyze its customers' social media postings.

At Convergence, the software giant detailed its plan to use the offering Marketing Pilot. Microsoft purchased the Evanston, Ill.-based software company last year, and on Tuesday said that with a "Connector" product, Marketing Pilot would work "seamlessly" with Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft also announced it had acquired the Swiss company Netbreeze. It will offer that company's native-language analytics offering with Dynamics CRM.

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