An outsourcer's argument for outsourcing call centers

Outsourcing remains a controversial topic in the contact center industry, but Leslie Wadsworth, a contractor for CallSocket, an outsourcing firm located in Oakland, Calif., says outsourcing is a relatively inexpensive, effective way to do business. And more importantly, it can help companies field a large number of calls.

Companies that outsource call centers have certainly had their critics. Many critics are concerned that outsourcing decreases the quality of customer interactions and poses customer data security risks.

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In this webcast, Wadsworth tells the other side of story. She makes the case for call center outsourcing by explaining how it can be beneficial for both consumers and companies. Wadsworth argues that not every company needs to spend the time and money associated with launching an in-house call center and employing an entire team of customer service representatives. Outsourcing can also be an opportunity for smaller companies to do customer service like larger firms. It is simply more efficient, she said, to outsource rather than employ an in-house customer service team.

Companies that outsource call centers can realize many benefits. Watch this webcast to learn more.

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