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A developer's perspective on Salesforce1 and more

SAN FRANCISCO -- On the final day of Dreamforce 13, we spoke to several professionals about what they learned at the conference that they hope to take home with them. Carolina Ruiz Medina, principal developer for FinancialForce.com, a business cloud applications company headquartered in San Francisco, discussed the new tools she was looking forward to using.

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While Salesforce1 may have stolen the spotlight this year, there were other important things happening at Dreamforce 13, including a Hackathon, the release of Chatter's roadmap for 2014 and a rare opportunity for developers to check out each other's code. Medina talked about different benefits of attending the conference, but she did emphasize how compelling she found the news about Salesforce1.

"I like Salesforce1 … and different ways to do testing in the platform," Medina said. She also said she found the sessions around testing and coding to be helpful, and that she liked the new Chatter customization abilities and APIs, and then added that she wanted to go home and try out all the new functionalities.

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