Case studies of call center best practices

Discover call center best practices in case studies for call center managers. Learn how some of the best call centers operate.


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Case studies of call center best practices
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  Case studies of call center best practices  

In this section, read best practices for call centers and learn how some of the best call centers are finding success with improved technology and processes. Read about call centers in many different industries and discover call center best practices to take back to your own organization. Once you've gathered some ideas, move on to the next section of the Call Center Manager Learning Guide for more CRM learning tools.

Call center success stories


  • Hartford City Hall gets a makeover with new call center (Source:, 3/9/07)

  • Last year, hundreds of phone numbers made calling a city department in Hartford, Conn., a nightmare. Today, constituent calls are all routed to a 3-1-1 call center, thanks to call center software from Lagan.


  • Workforce management provides winning formula for Bell Canada (Source:, 11/1/06)

  • Bell Canada revamped its call center processes using a workforce management tool. Despite many changes, managers continue to use the tool to efficiently manage and schedule staff.


  • Call center brings it together with WFO (Source:, 08/31/06)

  • A customer of both Blue Pumpkin and Witness before the merger, Asurion is reaping the rewards of workforce optimization (WFO), and it's not just about technology.


  • Call center at Virgin Mobile gets personal (Source:, 11/15/06)

  • Virgin Mobile Canada's approach to call center management puts the emphasis on agent individuality and chooses customer rapport over rules and metrics.


  • Numara answers the call for help desk support company (Source:, 10/18/06)

  • Executives at My Computer Works turned to FootPrints to ease their growing pains. They say they have continued to get the support they need after UniPress was acquired by Numara.


  • Fed up with IVR, firm answers all calls with humans (Source:, 09/06/06)

  • The backlash against interactive voice response (IVR) and automated phone systems in the call center has been fierce, and one company has decided to do away with it altogether.


  • Contact center technology selection done right (Source:, 07/25/06)

  • The state of Washington went through an intense process when selecting a hosted contact center vendor for its emergency response system.


  • EarthLink empowers everyone with customer service (Source:, 07/05/06)

  • EarthLink has embarked on an ambitious program to empower every employee in the company to help serve the customer.


  • Blue Cross makes healthy call with speech-enabled IVR (Source:, 03/14/06)

  • The Northeastern Pennsylvania unit has managed to deflect routine customer calls to automated responses and free agents up for more complicated questions. The technology is also improving agent performance and call analysis.


  • Regional airline takes off with hosted call center (Source:, 11/23/05)

  • Allegiant Air was brave enough to flip the switch on a new hosted contact center just as the holiday season begins.


  • Linux, open source power call center for Katrina, Rita victims (Source:, 09/23/05)

  • Combining the contact center and marketing departments has helped HCI Direct improve retention and upsell with its Silkies line.


  • Bringing marketing into the contact center (Source: Peppers & Rogers Group, special to, 11/08/05)

  • Combining the contact center and marketing departments has helped HCI Direct improve retention and upsell with its Silkies line.


  • Detroit Medical makes a healthy call (Source:, 05/16/05)

  • Skills and business rules routing has helped Detroit Medical's contact center improve efficiency while handling multiple channels.

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