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The maturation of the data warehousing industry, part 1

Do you remember when the Data Warehousing Industry was just getting started? Were you there?

Do you remember when the Data Warehousing Industry was just getting started? Were you there? Those were the days of experimental projects, technologists eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with large systems and new tools, and industry analysts projecting massive market growth. Over the last ten years, the industry matured, and this is what has happened:

  • We have seen the industry grow in sophistication and complexity, and the number of suppliers shrink
  • We are seeing much more focused value propositions and purposeful projects
  • Volumes of data continue to increase, but the tools and platforms are expanding in capability to manage the volumes
  • More and more projects are successful, not just because of technology, but also because of improvements in project management

We'll focus on the last three issues in the next few tips, but first, let's talk about industry complexity and shakeout this week.

When Data Warehousing was hot, really hot, in the mid 90's, a new supplier announced the latest great new product every week. Access tools, administration tools, special purpose database management systems, etc., all came to market to capitalize on the promise of the analysts. Terms and corresponding technologies like Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Datamart, Operational Data Store (ODS), Corporate Information Factory, Multi-dimensional database, etc. were invented and leveraged into business ventures. Over time, the terms have survived, but my guess is that less than 30% of the product companies have. Sound familiar? The same has happened and is happening with eBusiness and CRM.

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