Salesforce Idea Exchange ideas your organization should advocate for

The Salesforce Idea Exchange features numerous ideas that still need to be voted on and implemented. Review some that are on the table here.

As adoption of Salesforce grows, the Salesforce Success Community and its Idea Exchange have become more integral...

sites of innovation. Like Trailhead, the Salesforce development program, the Community and Salesforce Idea Exchange offer environments for spawning brainstorming and education on the Salesforce platform.

But the downside of all of this activity is that, as the number of ideas grows and they are aggregated in the Salesforce Idea Exchange, these ideas can easily get lost in the shuffle. Administrators and developers should review some of these ideas and support those they believe have merit. Voting for these ideas also helps them rise to the top of the queue. Participating in this space and in the Salesforce Success Community helps Salesforce get much-needed feedback on its direction.

After they receive a certain amount of votes, ideas get the attention of the product owners and can often be seen on future roadmaps before being integrated into releases. Ideas are constantly evolving and being integrated into the tool. However, there are a few really great ideas that haven't caught on yet that you should vote for! Here are a few of my favorites:

Lightning ideas. For those who use the newer Salesforce development language, Salesforce Lightning (rather than Salesforce Classic), running a report without saving is not an option. It is also not on any publicly provided roadmap. Many teams may find it hard to move to Lightning because there is no option for a printable view of reports. This is also not present on a published roadmap for the spring or summer 2017 releases.

User headaches. For those users that make use of content and email heavily within Salesforce, it can get confusing which attachments you have attached to a message and which might be missing. Adding a thumbnail view of the file could help.

To run a report that is sent to a user or group of users, one running user must be selected with a set time for the outgoing report. This idea suggests the ability to choose various running users and times to associate to a report so that each user does not have to alter the report.

Admin troubles. Most teams don't like to refresh sandboxes during working hours. Unfortunately, if refreshes are kicked off at night, a developer or user needs to manually start it. If refreshes are scheduled ahead of time, no one is rescheduling weekend plans.

It's annoying for admins to add a new default value into a picklist and to have to update all of the prior-made records with that value. This idea gives admins the option to change the default values of existing records with a click of a button.

User interface ideas. Though arguably just a different version of a picklist, radio buttons are used across multiple UIs to give people a better view of the options on one page. This is a duplicate idea, but it seems hard to find the other idea, and more people seem to be voting for this one lately.

Lightning Night Mode. A fun and really cool idea is Lightning Night Mode. Totally unnecessary, but it was on display at Dreamforce, and everyone was crowding around because it looked so great as an alternative standard Salesforce UI.

Many other ideas have not reached the threshold for review in the Salesforce Idea Exchange, and other ideas under review might need your vote. If you like any of these ideas or would like to add your own, help the Salesforce developer community by voting and adding ideas to the forum. The more active the community, the stronger the tool will become.

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