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Resources for nontechies to become Salesforce developers

For the 99% of you who are nontechies, there are resources out there to turn you into a Salesforce developer and get you connected in the community.

While prides itself on being intuitive for nondevelopers, perfecting your developer skills can help you get more out of the platform -- and your job. And as companies delve into new projects, such as building mobile apps on top of their Salesforce CRM system, it behooves customer relationship management professionals to hone their Salesforce development skills to become more marketable.

New offerings like Salesforce Lightning, a set of development tools and a framework to make it easier to develop custom applications, are user-friendly, but CRM professionals will find that the more development knowledge they have, the more ready they will be to tailor apps' functionality to the needs of their businesses beyond just point and click.

Most Salesforce administrators have probably had a request that seemed simple at the time, but then realized that it involved a nonstandard feature in Salesforce that needed a trigger (i.e., Apex code) to accomplish. With consulting firms becoming a large part of many CRM budgets, given a lack of internal resources, internal developer knowledge is invaluable.

These Salesforce developer skills will open doors for any admin, even within his or her current company.

At first, it can seem daunting to someone who has no background in computer science or Java, or even HTML, to not only learn the Apex and Visualforce language, but also to understand coding in general. But over the past few years, multiple resources have become available to admins that have opened the door to developer concepts. The resources range from videos and workbooks to hands-on tutorials and prep work for Developer certifications. Using these resources is the best way to gain a grasp of the Salesforce developer world and start tinkering in your own sandbox.

For those who wish to start this journey, here are a few of the best online resources:

With these resources, an admin can step into the developer world. These Salesforce developer skills will open doors for any admin, even within his or her current company. And for business owners, helping admins make strides in Salesforce development can reduce consultancy costs or time spent with internal IT, a department that may not be dedicated to Salesforce all the time. Creating internal Salesforce CRM development "experts" can alleviate time drains and budget constraints.

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