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Loading data warehouse tables

In any data warehouse, tables can be grouped under the following categories...

In any data warehouse, tables can be grouped under the following categories:

  1. Fact tables
  2. Slowly changing dimension tables
  3. Dimension tables not falling under slowly changing dimensions
  4. Summary tables
  5. Data Dictionary / Metadata tables

To build a solid ETL Plan for any warehouse, each of the stated categories needs different attention from the ETL programmer.

The ETL workflow should be as follows:

Step 1: Dimension Tables falling under non-SCD category
Step 2: Dimension Tables falling under SCD category
Step 3: Track and store historical data for SCD depending on the tracking level; the main objective of this step is to load and determine the current active data for SCD
Step 4: Fact Tables
Step 5: Data Dictionary / Metadata Tables
Step 6: Build of summary tables
Step 6: Implementation of data quality rules

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