How customer analytics boosts the digital marketing experience

Relios sells jewelry. But its customer base isn't monolithic, so it uses analytics tools to send the right message to the right people.

It's not just sales and service that benefit from customer analytics. Marketing departments are gaining insight and efficiencies as well. Companies that put data at the center of their marketing and sales decisions, according to McKinsey analysis, improve their efforts by 15% to 20%, which globally adds up to about $200 billion in savings.

For some companies with a varied customer base, analytics helps refine the digital marketing experience by enabling companies to get closer to their audience and connect with those constituencies through proper messaging. Relios Inc. sells jewelry, but its two brands appeal to different demographics. While its American West brand targets younger consumers (ages 25 to 40) and captures a "Western spirit," the Carolyn Pollack brand targets older consumers with less eclectic taste. Relios uses Google Analytics and its Bronto marketing automation system to ensure that email messages get to the proper customer segments and limit the number of messages so customers aren't overwhelmed.

"That way, we're not sending out tons of email and continuing to blast them, because that's annoying to the customer," said Douglas Small, digital marketing strategist at Relios. With Google Analytics and Bronto, the company can determine how many customers click from an email to its website. The company also gains insight into customer behavior by measuring details like subject lines, as well as whether customers are more prone to react to content generated by Relios or by user reviews and testimonials about the products.

"Instead of testing our theories, we can test the realities of what's going on," Small said. Relios is able to identify friction points, errors on webpages and so forth that may create hurdles to a customer sale. "It also helps detect problems on your site that you might not even be aware of," he noted.

But, of course, the digital marketing experience has no real meaning if users are struggling to make sense of displays and dashboards. "It would help to make Google Analytics more user-friendly," Small suggested. "It also functions on cookies. People come to our site, and cookies are off, and they're not trackable."

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