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Customer analytics help shape customer experience and improvements to sales, marketing and customer service approaches. More importantly, the insights analytics uncover can spot opportunities to upsell and better compete, creating bottom-line growth.

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  • 7 customer segmentation methods to help connect the dots

    Customer segmentation is essential to marketing, enabling businesses to provide the right people with the right products -- and is a move away from bulk appeals. Continue Reading

  • sales forecast

    A sales forecast is a projection of achievable revenue. The terms sales forecast and sales budgets are sometimes used as synonyms, but budgets are projected before the fiscal year begins and forecasts take place once the fiscal year is underway. Continue Reading

  • clickstream analysis (clickstream analytics)

    On a Web site, clickstream analysis is the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting aggregate data about which pages a website visitor visits -- and in what order. The path the visitor takes though a website is called the clickstream. Continue Reading

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