Vertical industry CRM: Special report

In this vertical industry CRM special report, we've compiled popular news articles and case studies on implementing, managing and maintaining CRM in vertical industries.

In this vertical industry CRM special report, we've compiled popular news articles and case studies on implementing, managing and maintaining CRM in vertical industries. 

Learn about how CRM vendors are adapting their tools for specific industries. Discover how CRM is being used in government agencies and the manufacturing industry and find out how telecommunications organizations, healthcare providers and financial services companies are finding success with CRM.

Vertical industry CRM news

Amidst CRM consolidation, vertical applications shine -- As the CRM market consolidates, vertical CRM applications are coming to the forefront. According to one analyst firm, the manufacturing, communications and media, and healthcare industries will see the most industry-specific growth in CRM.

SaaS CRM software takes vertical approach -- As the demand for industry-specific CRM grows, Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM vendors are working to create more vertical industry solutions. However, many experts say vendors have a lot of work ahead of them.

Think vertically, act competitively -- Vertical CRM software isn't a magic potion, according to consultants Don Peppers and Martha Rogers. While it is important to look at industry best practices, Peppers and Rogers suggest that organizations make it a priority to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Vertical industry CRM vendor news makes financial services push --'s financial services-specific Wealth Management service is direct competition for Bloomberg, offering financial advisors CRM technology catered specifically to their needs at a reduced cost.

Oracle and SAP's vertical CRM battle a narrow one -- A closer look at the battle for vertical CRM market share shows that Oracle and SAP aren't really competing with each other. Instead, the companies are mainly going up against best-of-breed and homegrown tools.

NetSuite CRM goes vertical -- NetSuite's software industry-specific CRM software is the first in a series of vertical solutions the company plans to introduce. The product includes software-specific marketing tools and sales forecasting.

CRM in the government and public sector

Government looks to CRM with Citizen Relationship Management -- Government agencies are often known for their poor customer service, but many are beginning to realize the importance of marketing and forming solid relationships with their citizens. Now, government agencies across the country are adopting CRM applications to update legacy systems and improve customer service.

Government warming to on-demand CRM -- Advances in security and integration, as well as general acceptance of the model, has public agencies, such as the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) finally turning to on-demand CRM.

CRM in the financial services industry

CRM: Financial services firms take a fresh look -- Consolidation in the financial services industry, new regulations and the need to improve service and sales processes are driving financial institutions to update their CRM systems and adopt new CRM products.

Banks trading fees for loyalty -- Some banks are eliminating ATM, checking and other customer service fees for their most valuable customers in order improve customer loyalty and brand image.

CRM in the manufacturing industry

Campaign management requires collaboration at John Deere -- A marketing automation tool is allowing the agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer John Deere to streamline collaboration within its marketing department.

mySAP CRM replaces Vantive at manufacturing firm -- When choosing a new CRM application, the manufacturing company Bowe, Belle + Howell Co. found that site visits, which allowed the company to see the applications first-hand, were an important part of the decision-making process.

CRM in the healthcare industry

Self-service search provides the answers for Humana -- One military healthcare provider put their policy holders first when choosing a new self-service tool. The tool allows the provider's call center agents access to a knowledge base of answers and gives policy holders the ability to help themselves.

Blue Cross makes healthy call with speech-enabled IVR -- Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania is using a speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) application to deflect routine customer calls to automated responses and free agents up for more complicated questions.

CRM in the telecommunications industry

End-user experience management drives Siebel CRM success at BT -- Seeing exactly how users are interacting with its CRM application is helping BT, a British telecommunications company, optimize its systems, guide its users, and understand where the application is performing well and where it isn't.

Telecom uses speech recognition to drive customer satisfaction -- Telecom New Zealand was able to achieve its goal of providing a consistent customer experience in an efficient manner by implementing a speech recognition application that utilizes self-service and an extensive knowledge base.

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