Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Understanding the virtual call center trend: Quiz

    Organizations across all industries are deploying virtual call centers in an effort to cut costs and improve the customer experience. Now, advances in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and on-demand call center applications have made it...  Continue Reading

  • Workforce optimization (WFO) quiz

    Workforce optimization (WFO) is still an emerging call center technology, but in recent years the call center market for WFO has experienced tremendous growth as companies look to optimize their business processes through one unified system. Whether...  Continue Reading

  • Speech analytics technology quiz

    As more call centers become familiar with speech analytics, the technology is still developing and maturing. The uses for speech analytics continue to expand and new functionality is enabling the use of speech analytics beyond the walls of the call ...  Continue Reading

  • CRM ROI quiz.

    For many years, the return on investment (ROI) from CRM implementations was dissapointing -- at one point, analysts suggested that eight out of 10 projects failed to deliver on ROI promises. Today's reports are more optimistic, and many ...  Continue Reading

  • Web 2.0 and CRM quiz

    This quiz on Web 2.0 and CRM was designed to test your knowledge of Web 2.0 technology and social networking and open your eyes to how this technology can help advance CRM initiatives.  Continue Reading