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Employee self service quiz answers

Employee self service (ESS) is an up-and-coming technology that can help employees perform routine tasks and assist customers more quickly. Find the answers to's employee self service quiz here.

Here you'll find answers to's Employee self service quiz.

Correct answers:

Question #1: A
Why? Read how ESS is changing human resources management

Question #2: B
Why? Read more about human resources management software

Question #3: D
Why? Learn about ways to access employee self-service applications

Question #4: B
Why? Find out more about employee self-service application availability

Question #5: B
Why? Read about the uses for knowledge management

Question #6: B
Why? Learn about staffing issues related to knowledge management

Question #7: D
Why? Read how case-based reasoning is used

Question #8: B
Why? Find out best practices for agents using an employee self-service system

Question #9: C
Why? Discover the best metrics for an employee self-service system

Question #10: D
Why? Read more on employee self service vendors

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