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Email marketing quiz

Test yourself on email marketing practices and terms with this quiz from See how much you know about spam, opt-in email, UBE, targeted marketing with email, and much more.

Email marketing is a necessary practice in today's electronic culture, but it comes with its own set of challenges and best practices. Test yourself with this quiz on the fundamentals of direct email marketing and find out if you're targeting your customers or spamming them with email marketing.

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Take the quiz:

1. This is a technique used by legitimate marketers to customize email offerings for specific customers.

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2. Used by spammers to make recipients think an email message came from someone other than them, this technique might convince a user that a spam email came from someone they'd actually like to hear from.

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3. This is the term for an email message returned to the sender by the recipient's server as undeliverable, often because the email is -- rightly or wrongly -- determined to be spam.

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4. A type of Web-based marketing, this type of email allows recipients to buy goods and services directly from an email message, without being redirected to the retailer's Web site.

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5. This self-explanatory term is a more formal way of saying "spam."

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6. This is a term for the number of times that users click on links in a message or on a Web site -- it's much higher for legitimate marketing emails than for spam.

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7. This is a program used to detect unwanted messages. A frequent problem is that they may also prevent delivery of some legitimate email marketing messages.

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8. In this type of email campaign, advertisements are sent to targeted groups of customers.

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9. Also known as permission-based email, this is one proposed requirement for marketers that could greatly decrease the amount of spam.

Read the answer on permission-based emails

10. Never used by legitimate marketers, this is a type of program that a spammer uses to troll the Internet seeking email addresses.

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