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Customer service and call center quiz answers

Looking for help with's quiz on customer service and call centers? Read answers and get detailed information on all related customer service and call center topics.

Here you'll find answers to the quiz: Customer service and call center

Correct answers:

#1: D
Why? Find out about call center waits

#2: D
Why? Get more on customer management

#3: B
Why? Read information on the central customer service point

#4: A
Why? Get details on measuring customer profitability

#5: B
Why? Read more about customer interaction software

#6: D
Why? Learn about voice-activated call center tools

#7: C
Why? Find an explanation of geographically dispersed call centers

#8: A
Why? Read about electronic customer service

#9: B
Why? Get more on solving customer problems

#10: D
Why? Learn about customer loyalty steps

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