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9. Quality assurance

Read the ninth answer to's call center agent quiz and more detailed information on workforce optimization and call center performance.

9. Quality assurance

Which of the following vendors currently sells quality assurance products?

a) NICE Systems
b) Verint Systems Inc.
c) etalk
d) Witness Systems
e) All of the above


According to a recent Ask the Expert response from expert Donna Fluss, there are over 30 quality management/liability recording vendors. While these applications have been around for close to 20 years, they have improved dramatically in the last three and now provide users with outstanding benefits that improve the customer experience and yield a rapid payback of approximately nine to 12 months.

"The four largest vendors in this market are NICE Systems, Verint Systems, Witness Systems and etalk," Fluss said. " However, there are many other vendors that you may also want to consider, including Mercom, Envision, Voice Print, HigherGround and Wygant. There are also emerging vendors, such as CallCopy. If you are looking for a hosted recording/quality management solution, you may want to consider VoiceLog."

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