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8. Agent use of an employee self-service system

What's the best way for agents to enter information into the knowledge base in an employee self service (ESS) system? This eighth quiz answer from's quiz will tell you.

8. True or false? Call center agents who use an employee self-service system must set aside time each week to add new information into the knowledge base.

a) True
b) False


Agents should enter information during their regular work time, according to "Ten Principles for Knowledge Management Success," a white paper from Tom Tobin of Knova Software Inc. "Today's systems should enable agents to contribute new knowledge during their natural workflow. This is critical to ensure that solutions that are not currently in the system can be quickly added once the resolution has been determined. Empowering agents to add new content as resolutions are discovered is key to maintaining a robust system." Read more from "Ten Principles for Knowledge Management Success."

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