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7. Top open source vendors

Learn the response to the seventh question in's exclusive open source CRM quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on open source technology and vendors.

7. Top open source vendors

Which of the following vendors is considered by many to be one of the signature open source CRM companies in existence today?

a) Entellium
b) SugarCRM
c) Microsoft
d) None of the above


Listen to a podcast interview with SugarCRM CEO John Roberts where Roberts discusses open source CRM's prospects, compares it to on-demand CRM and shares why he stays friendly with Microsoft.

"As the CEO of SugarCRM Inc., John Roberts is the head of one of the signature open source companies in existence today. Based in Cupertino, Calif., SugarCRM is a provider of commercial customer relationship management, or CRM, software for open source platforms. At SugarCRM, Roberts oversees a growing global customer portfolio that includes the 200 projects spawned by the community surrounding his open source CRM application. He even maintains an expanding technical partnership with the Dark Prince of the OSS community – Microsoft. "

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