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5. Help during high call volume

Learn the response to the fifth question in's exclusive VoIP call center quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on contact center software and VoIP.

5. Help during high call volume

True or False? One reason to adopt VoIP in the call center is to avoid having to rely on an outsourcer during a disaster or a spike in call volume.

a) True
b) False


While call centers have been slow in moving toward VoIP, those who have adopted the technology often feel it benefits the company having to turn to outsourcers to help during spikes.

"Something of the inviolate mantra here is we want to be as close to the consumer as possible, we want to own the customer," said Ponder Harrison, managing director for Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air, in an interview with "We don't want a third-party intermediary to come between us and our customers. It doesn't matter how good your Web site is, you have to speak with your customers, and we want a system that lets us do that as cost effectively, with the highest functionality married to flexibility."

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