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3. An enterprise's central customer interaction point

Learn the response to the third question in's quiz on customers and call centers. Read the answer and more detailed information on customer and call center terms.

3. An enterprise's central customer interaction point

This is is a central point in an enterprise from which customer interactions are managed via phone, fax, email and other channels.

a. data center
b. contact center
c. network operations center
d. Information Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center


A contact center (also referred to as a customer interaction center or e-contact center) is a central point in an enterprise from which all customer contacts are managed. The contact center typically includes one or more online call centers but may include other types of customer contact as well, including email newsletters, postal mail catalogs, Web site inquiries and chats, and the collection of information from customers during in-store purchasing. A contact center is generally part of an enterprise's overall customer relationship management (CRM).

A contact center would typically be provided with special software that would allow contact information to be routed to appropriate people, contacts to be tracked, and data to be gathered. A contact center is considered to be an important element in multichannel marketing.

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