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2. First step in a VoIP project

Learn the response to the second question in's exclusive VoIP call center quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on contact center software and VoIP.

2. First step in a VoIP project

According to many experts, this should be the first step in a VoIP project.

a) Determine how the system will be managed
b) Outline a comprehensive business plan
c) Determine how VoIP will interface with other network components, such as voice mail or an existing customer relationship management (CRM) system
d) Decide if the customer service system will include a Web-based component, or only voice.


Many companies start VoIP projects without clearly linking their technology initiatives with concrete business outcomes, said Laurent Philonenko, vice president and general manager of the customer contact business unit (CCBU), which provides contact center and interactive voice applications to enterprises and service providers.

"That's a huge mistake," said Philonenko. "Organizations must take the time to create a detailed business case for a contact center. They must specify what they wish to accomplish and how their contact center will help them achieve their goals. "

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