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2. End user adoption

Learn the response to the second question in's exclusive mobile CRM quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on mobile vendors and SFA.

2. End user adoption
True or false? One of the biggest obstacles in a sales force automation project is end user adoption.

a) True
b) False


True.'s SFA expert Chris Selland acknowledges that it can be difficult to get users on board after an SFA implementation. He said the key is to get them involved from the get go.

"Get them to adopt BEFORE it's implemented!" Selland said. "It's absolutely critical to get at least an influential sub-group of salespeople bought in from the beginning of the SFA project. The more involvement and ownership that salespeople feel they have with the project, the more likely they'll use it -- which is the only way you'll get value. Carrots can work -- but sticks almost never do.

According to a recent report, however, 2006 marks the beginning of a steady upward adoption curve for mobile CRM.

"Even in industries where mobile is hot, like field service, the penetration rate is well under 15%. So over the next five to 10 years, there's really no end in sight to the growth," Gartner vice president William Clark said.

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