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10. Open source deployments

Learn the response to the tenth question in's exclusive open source CRM quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on open source technology and vendors.

10. Open source deployments

In June 2006 Ventana Research surveyed 320 IT and business professionals who reported having an interest in open source BI. Of these, what percentage reported that they had deployed the software?
(Note: Almost half of the survey participants were from small companies, with under $100 million in revenue; 20% were from midsized businesses, with revenues under $1 billion; and 22% worked for Global 2000 companies.)

a) Less than 25%
b) 25 - 50%
c) 50 - 75%
d) More than 75%


According to the study by San Mateo, Calif.-based Ventana Research, 83% of respondents reported that they had deployed the software, were in the process of deploying it, or were considering deployment.

"The top three reasons for companies using or considering open source BI were a primary developer or architect's interest in the software, followed by lower license costs than commercial BI, and custom coding, according to Dan Everett, director of research with Ventana."

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