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10. Acquisition of IEX and Performix

Read the tenth answer to's call center agent quiz and more detailed information on workforce optimization and call center performance.

10. Acquisition of IEX and Performix

Which call center vendor announced in April 2006 that it would acquire IEX and Performix to significantly to enhance its workforce management and performance management applications?

a) NICE Systems Ltd.
b) Avaya
c) Cisco
d) None of the above


An April 2006 news story on reported NICE Systems Ltd.'s announcement to acquire IEX, a workforce management applications provider, and Performix, a performance management applications provider.

According to Haim Shani, CEO of NICE, IEX and Performix's workforce and performance management tools will allow NICE to compete in a new market sector.

"Now we have an opportunity to create a third space in the contact center market with business performance and analytics," Shani said. "The tools NICE has developed in the last three years and [those] Performix has worked to develop in this market made it very attractive."

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