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1. Performance management's promise

Read the first answer to's call center agent quiz and more detailed information on workforce optimization and call center performance.

1. Performance management's promise

True or False? The goal behind performance management is to use the abundance of data generated in the contact center to better manage resources.

a) True
b) False


According to Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, Inc, performance management has the potential to make a big impact on the call center.

"The idea [of performance management] is to use the mountains of data generated in the contact center to better manage resources and achieve performance goals," Bocklund said. "They can gather information from multiple systems, and report on performance against KPIs - Key Performance Indicators - that are defined. A supervisor, manager, trainer, QA person, or others may use them in working with staff for review and development, and to assess performance of the center overall and seek ways to optimize to achieve goals."

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