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1. Factors driving VoIP adoption in the call center

Learn the response to the first question in's exclusive VoIP call center quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on contact center software and VoIP.

1. Factors driving VoIP adoption in the call center

According to a 2006 study by VoIP vendor Interactive Intelligence, what is the most important factor driving adoption of VoIP in the call center?

a) To reduce commute time for agents
b) To reduce agent churn rate
c) To improve customer service
d) To allow call center managers to put less emphasis on a disaster recovery plan.


According to a news report following the Interactive Intelligence survey, the majority of call center managers questioned said the driving force for implementing VoIP is to improve customer service.

"Improving customer service was top of mind for 43% of respondents while evaluating communications tools. Others evaluate new technologies to enhance collaboration across the enterprise, to scale incrementally, to increase agent productivity, and to cost-effectively deploy a disaster recovery plan."

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