• Secrets to success in using technology to optimize your online customer experience

    Get tips for optimizing the online customer experience through technology in this podcast with expert Martha Rogers. Learn how to deploy online self-service technology effectively.

  • Understanding customer trust and its impact on the customer experience

    Get help understanding customer trust and its impact on the customer experience in this podcast. Learn how to improve the customer experience by building customer trust.

  • Building a customer strategy with Martha Rogers

    According to experts, a customer strategy should always be designed in the customer's best interest. In this podcast, expert Martha Rogers gives tips for updating customer strategies, building a customer strategy from scratch and adjusting an employee strategy during a recession.

  • Building the trust of customers with Don Peppers

    There are many methods for building the trust of customers, but which work the best? In this installment of our Creating Customer Value podcast series, Don Peppers discusses the effectiveness of customer testimonials and word of mouth. He provides tips for new companies looking to build the confidence and trust of new customers.

  • Five tips for deploying sales performance management for maximum return

    Today's organizations are looking to sales performance management, but many companies lack a clear direction for how to deploy and make the most of these tools. In this podcast, Mark Smith of Ventana Research provides tips and best practices for utilizing sales performance management software to help improve sales processes, making your sales teams more effective and helping them make more money for your organization.

  • Customer complaint management with Don Peppers

    Analyzing customer behavior is tricky, since a customer's behavior includes more than just their purchasing patterns. In this podcast, Don Peppers gives tips for tracking customer behavior, measuring a call center's ability to maximize customer satisfaction and uncovering unvoiced customer complaints.

  • Measuring call center key performance indicators to optimize cost, quality

    In this podcast, listeners will find out which call center key performance indicators (KPIs) have the biggest impact on the bottom line and the customer experience. Get tips from a call center me

  • Call center benchmarking best practices

    This podcast features tips and best practices for call center benchmarking. Get advice from a benchmarking expert Eric Zbikowski of Metric Net LLC for using benchmarks in conjunction with a call center metrics program to track performance.

  • Creating value for customers and shareholders with Martha Rogers

    According to experts, customer loyalty and shareholder value go hand-in-hand -- you can't expect to improve one without improving the other. In this month's podcast, Martha Rogers discusses the link between customer trust, customer loyalty and shareholder value, and gives tips for creating maximum value for both customers and shareholders. Also, find out the best way to measure employee loyalty, learn how to get employee buy-in for your products or services and discover what effect corporate giving has on customer trust.

  • Customer value management with Don Peppers

    Every organization approaches customer value management in a different way. Business size, industry and company type are just a few of the factors that impact the way an organization creates value for its customers. In the August installment of our podcast series, Don Peppers answers four questions from readers on building and maintaining customer value and customer loyalty. Learn how to create customer value in a down economy, get tips for managing customer value in a business-to-business (B2B) organization and find out if up-selling during "welcome" calls is a good idea.

  • Customer equity management tips from Martha Rogers

    In this month's podcast, Martha Rogers takes questions from readers on building and managing customer worth and customer equity in a variety of different situations. Learn how businesses can cater to the customer life cycle, find out if price discounting is really a good idea and get tips for building loyalty in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Understanding customer behavior with Don Peppers

    In the April installment of Creating Customer Value, a podcast series with Peppers and Rogers, Don Peppers takes questions from readers on handling customer complaints and analyzing customer needs. Peppers urges readers to adopt complaint "discovery" policies and explains how to track a customer's past buying behavior based on the purchase patterns of similar consumers.

  • Maximizing shareholder value through customers with Martha Rogers

    Many companies struggle with building value for customers and shareholders simultaneously -- perhaps because they fail to realize customer value and shareholder value are virtually the same thing. In this podcast, Martha explains the link between customer value and shareholder value and why customer loyalty and trust should be used as ways to build shareholder value. She also provides advice for companies looking to win back lost customers.

  • Understanding occupancy for the call center

    Learn how to calculate occupancy or utilization in the call center and how to integrate this metric into your call center strategy.

  • Understanding customer satisfaction as a call center metric

    In this podcast, learn how to measure customer satisfaction and why it is an important metric for the call center.

  • Understanding cost per contact for the call center

    Wondering how to define and measure cost per contact and cost per call? Learn why these are important metrics to consider in the call center in this podcast.

  • Understanding quality monitoring for the call center

    In this podcast, you'll learn the definition for quality monitoring and learn how to track quality monitoring scores in this podcast.

  • An introduction to call center metrics

    In this introductory podcast, learn how to get started with metrics strategy using the tools in the Call Center Metrics School.

  • Measuring forecasted calls against handled calls in the call center

    Hear advice from call center consultant Steve Suhn on how to measure forecasted calls against the number of handled calls for the call center in this podcast. Also, learn about forecasting average handle time (AHT).

  • Designing a call center metrics strategy

    In this podcast, get advice from Lori Bocklund and Steve Suhn of Strategic Contact on the top 10 metrics to consider in the call center.

  • Using number of calls offered as a call center metric

    In this brief podcast, learn why measuring the number of calls offered is an important metric for the call center. Learn the definition of this metric and how to measure it from Lori Bocklund and Steve Suhn of Strategic Contact

  • Understanding call center schedule adherence

    Learn how call center schedule adherence should be measured in this podcast and discover why it is important for call center scheduling and staffing.