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Understanding customer trust and its impact on the customer experience

Get help understanding customer trust and its impact on the customer experience in this podcast. Learn how to improve the customer experience by building customer trust.

Creating Customer Value, Understanding customer trust and its impact on the customer experience, February 2009.

Customer trust and the customer experience are closely linked -- it's impossible to improve one without the other. In this Creating Customer Value podcast, Don Peppers discusses the link between customer trust and the customer experience, and talks about the chief customer officer position, building customer trust at a car dealership and how likely customers are to forgive a company for its mistakes.




  Customer trust and its impact on the customer experience  

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Don Peppers
Don Peppers

Recognized for over a decade as a world-renowned expert, entrepreneur and thought leader on customer-focused relationship management strategies for business, Don Peppers is an acclaimed author, influential speaker and a founding partner of the customer-centered management consulting firm, Peppers & Rogers Group.

Fast forward to questions that interest you most.

  • 00:25 I work for a car dealership and get paid on commission. Our customers know this, and it can be very difficult to gain a customer's trust, since they know we want to make a sale. Can you offer any tips for improving the customer experience in order to build customer trust in this situation?
  • 05:37 What are the key criteria that make for a great customer experience, and how do these things impact customer trust?
  • 08:35 In general, if a loyal customer has one bad experience with a company, how much does this impact their level of trust? In your opinion, how forgiving are customers these days?
  • 10:02 I'm looking for more information on the chief customer officer position to bring to a meeting with company executives. What are your thoughts on this position, and do you have any examples of companies that have hired chief customer officers and seen improvements to the customer experience, customer loyalty and customer trust?

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